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Volume I : Issue 1Man Filters Friend’s Email to Trash Bin, But Reads Them Anyway
Volume I : Issue 2Friends Worried About Man’s Obsession With Karaoke
Volume I : Issue 3Man’s Attempt At Magic Fails To Get Him Laid
Volume I : Issue 4Moving Got You Down? Don’t Worry, Call Marc
Volume I : Issue 5Pervert Misled By Movie Titles
Volume I : Issue 6Bartender Not Amused By Flirting Bar Guests
Volume I : Issue 7Elderly Black Man Claims He Gets Chicks
Volume I : Issue 8Jewish Doctor Not Kosher Enough For Aspiring Bartender
Volume I : Issue 9Bar Guests Curious About Man’s Fondness For Primates
Volume I : Issue 10Woman Outraged By Trivia Loss

Volume II : Issue 1Man Bites Quarter in Half, Almost Gets Laid
Volume II : Issue 2Man Breaks Streak to Mourn Anna Nicole Smith

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