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The Saints

It’s really quite amazing that I haven’t written about my beloved football team.  Having been a New Orleans Saints fan since I was able to speak, I find myself wondering, “what has taken me so long…?” Friends of mine know that I follow professional football somewhat extensively.  Many would even

Party Invitations

At what point did party invitations become something to stress out about? Seriously.  Trace’s 9th birthday is coming up, and he’s decided that he wants to have his party at Laser Tag of Baton Rouge.  I like this idea because quite frankly, they do everything.   The kids are entertained, the

Class Reunion

This past weekend, East Jefferson High School’s Class of 1989 had its 20 year reunion.  I’m still in awe by that, but anyway, I have to say that I had a wonderful time… As my wife and I were heading into town, we stopped off at the Esplanade Mall to

My Time Machine

Facebook has become among many things, my own personal time machine. The only problem however is that I haven’t been able to find that Read-Only override setting. I’m hoping that I don’t have to explain that sentence above. I’m sure that my readers are just bursting with the knowledge and

The Power of Music

So, I’ve been making some trips to the doctor lately. Well, two doctors actually. One is an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist and the other is my general practitioner. I’ve been suffering from allergies year round for like the past couple of years, so I decided to do something about it. So with