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I get the whole “What About Bob?” thing all of the time.  It comes with the territory of having your name Bob.

I don’t have a friend named Neal (although I used to until he fell off the face of the earth) and despite the fact that the word “Bob” can be used as a verb, it’s not what I do.

In fact, here is the abridged version of my life…

My name is Bob Laurent. I was born in New Orleans back in 1971. I grew up in Metairie (which is a suburb of New Orleans). I attended Metairie Grammar school (now called Metairie Academy) from K-6, Vernon C Haynes from 7-9, and East Jefferson High School from 10-12. I graduated from EJ back in 1989.

From there, I moved to Baton Rouge, La to live with my mom. She had moved to Baton Rouge during my Junior year at EJ. She was nice enough to let me stay with my grandmother to allow me to finish high school with my friends.

I went back to New Orleans back in 1998 due to a transfer with my job. That lasted only a year however and I found myself back in Baton Rouge in the early portion of 1999. I then took a job that had me placed at Riverbend Station in St Francisville. Once my contract was up, I took a job with Utilistar Process Automation and continue to work there today.

I currently live in Watson, LA (which is north of Denham Springs) with my lovely wife Susan and my stepson Trace. We have a dog named Taz, a grumpy old black cat named Shaft, a sweet momma cat named Xander (don’t ask), and two adoring little baby cats named Chubs and Piglet.

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  1. Nice website, Bob.

    I liked your story about leaving Academy. I constantly marvel at how people have a heavy foot when it comes to pulling out in front of you in traffic, but then are in no hurry to go anywhere.

    Louisiana drivers have to be the worst drivers of anywhere I’ve been.

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