#2019HW Reading Assignment Challenge Summer Semester

I did very well during the Spring as far as the reading challenge went. I read at a minimum, the books I allocated for myself each month and read (and reread) others to pass the remainder of the month along.

To keep with the current challenge, I’m going to stick with Stephen King as my author, and mix it up with others:

July – Carrie (Stephen King) and Transient Echoes (J N Chaney)

August – The Stand (Stephen King) and Hope Everlasting (J N Chaney)

September – The Dead Zone (Stephen King) and The Vernal Memory (J N Chaney)

October – Firestarter (Stephen King) and The Caves of Steel (Isaac Asimov)

November – Cujo (Stephen King) and The Naked Sun (Isaac Asimov)

December – Christine (Stephen King) and The Robots of Dawn (Isaac Asimov)

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