Armada – Review

Armada is the second novel written by Ernest Cline (Ready Player One). This was a novel that I was incredibly eager to read based on how much I enjoyed reading Ready Player One. Armada is a story all in its own as it’s not related to Cline’s other work. The plot is similar to that of Ender’s Game and/or The Last Starfighter, where a video game serves as a training simulation for alien warfare without the players even realizing it. To be honest, I found myself somewhat disappointed in this one. That’s not to say that it isn’t good; it is. I found the story somewhat predictable and didn’t really come across anything new or groundbreaking. Cline’s previous work made a lot of references to 80’s pop culture, because the story required it. Whereas in Armada, the 80’s pop culture seems forced and only tangentially relates to the story. The 80’s references just seemed unnecessary as if the references were made for the sake of making a reference. I’d recommend it though, it’s still a decent read.

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