#2019HW Reading Assignment Challenge Spring Semester

2019 Reading Assignment Challenge

I’ve decided that I’m going to do this challenge again for the upcoming year.  The rules have evolved a little, but I’m game.  I found myself reading more than 1 book each month (even though I only committed to reading 1) in 2018.  However, I did stick to the schedule I created for myself, whereas, if I planned on reading Book X in Month Y earlier, I still read Book X in Month Y.  What I found myself doing though was creating a second list of books, which I considered “filler” books that I would read after I read my committed book for the month.

The decision on the “filler” books came about because I found that I was really into reading “The Dark Tower” series, but didn’t want to wait 3-4 months in order to start the next one.  So instead of committing myself to reading those books, they became my “filler” books and I was able to read them after I fulfilled my monthly commitment.

With that said, I’m going to remain in the Beginner level, but I’m going to take 2 Professors.  I’m going to choose Professor AuthorLuv and Professor Mix-It-Up.   This will allow me to continue reading the series I’m enjoying and mix in classics (like I had already intended to do).


For Professor AuthorLuv’s class, I’m choosing Stephen King as my author.

January – Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower V) (Stephen King)

February – Song of Susannah (Dark Tower VI) (Stephen King)

March – The Dark Tower (Dark Tower VII) (Stephen King)

April – The Shining (Stephen King)

May – Pet Semetary (Stephen King)

June – Salem’s Lot (Stephen King)


For Professor Mix-It-Up’s Class:

January – Armada (Ernest Cline)

February – The Martian Chronicles (Ray Bradbury)

March – The Amber Project (JN Chaney)

April – Fire & Blood: 300 Years Before a Game of Thrones  (George RR Martin)

May – The Final Day (William Forstchen)

June – Animal Farm  (George Orwell)


Even though I’m in the beginner level, I’m still doubling up the number of books I committed to last year.  Wish me luck!

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