Ready Player One – Review

When I first started seeing the trailers for the movie adaptation of Ready Player One, I immediately became excited.  My inner geek really liked the nostalgia that was represented in the trailers.   So, my family and I went and saw it and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed in it.  If you love the 80’s (as I do) then you will love the movie.   Imagine my surprise when I was reading people really picking apart the movie.  I’ve heard it all before….the book is better!  After seeing several people make the same claim, I decided to add this book to my queue and give it a go.

Wow.  This book is truly amazing.  Yes it is different than the movie, but I get the reasons for the changes in the movie.   The overall premise is the same, but seeing as how I spent my teenage years in the 80’s,  I was able to get where he was going in the novel.   Spielberg had to make changes in or to encompass a larger audience, since most of the references may be lost by people not familiar with the 80’s.  I really felt like this book was talking directly to me.  My inner geek couldn’t put it down and I found my way through it rather quickly.   In fact, after reading it, I started to look into the author (Ernest Cline) and learned that this is his first novel.  On top of that, he’s roughly the same age as me, so as he was referencing all of the things from his childhood, he was inadvertently doing the same for me.

I have already recommended this book to people I know, and I strongly recommend it to those that I don’t.  I’m going to put Ernest Cline’s second novel (Armada) in my next 6 month queue. Oh and to make things even better, he’s currently writing a sequel…. yay!


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