The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three – Review

I was somewhat worried about reading the second part of the Dark Tower series because my brother-in-law mentioned that the first book was really good, but then it goes downhill after that.   I don’t know what book series he was reading because he was clearly mistaken.

The Drawing of the Three picks up immediately where the first book left off, with Roland (the last Gunslinger) reeling from his interaction with the man in black.   Roland runs into some rough encounters along the beach and then finally finds the first of three floating doors.  Roland finds a label reading “The Prisoner” on the door and the final words of the man in black begin to fill his mind.  Roland decides the turn the knob and walk through because he knows he must venture forward if he is ever going to reach The Dark Tower.

It is at this point that I thought the entire story was just too cool.  I really enjoyed where Stephen King went with this novel and I began to realize that my brother-in-law must have gotten this series confused with another because when I finished this book, I honestly felt it was better than the first.   I look forward to reading the next in the series.

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