The Dark Tower : The Gunslinger – Review

As a fan of Stephen King’s work, The Dark Tower has been on my radar for a very long time.  What finally put it front and center was seeing the trailer for the movie and realizing that I should probably read it before seeing the movie, otherwise, I’d have a problem getting around to reading it.  So I threw it into the queue and patiently awaited May to roll around to start reading it.

What I didn’t realize about The Dark Tower initially is that it is actually a series of seven books.  The Gunslinger is only part 1 of the 7 book series, but I wasn’t going to let that hinder me.  I had heard some very good things about The Dark Tower, and I went into it spoiler-free.   I intend to keep this review spoiler-free as well.

The story begins with the last gunslinger named Roland as he has been following the man in black.  Little is known about Roland’s world, or the man in black for that matter, but the reader becomes aware quite quickly that there is a supernatural force surrounding the man in black.  It is through a series of flashbacks that the reader learns about Roland’s past and the world that he lives/lived in.   Roland is driven by his desire to catch the man in black without any clear reason as to why Roland seems desperate to do so.

There are mentions of the Dark Tower as well, but it becomes clear by the end of the story that not even Roland himself is aware of what the Dark Tower actually is.  The story ends with Roland finally confronting the man in black and finally learning his identity.  Upon doing so, King does a good job of setting up the next book in the series; The Drawing of  the Three.

I enjoyed reading this book, and as a fan of King, this one didn’t disappoint.  I found myself wanting more and quickly affirmed that book 2 will be on my second half list for the year. I feel as if I need to hold off on watching the movie, because I don’t want it to be spoiled.


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