It’s going to be quite hard to imagine a world without my friend Becky in it.  Granted, she and I haven’t spoken much or seen each other much within the last few years, but hearing of her passing on 2/2/11 has given me plenty of time to reflect back on some fond memories.

Becky and I shared a (quite large) circle of friends.  I met her through Vik, as I met most of that circle.  When Vik and I had a falling out (for whatever the reason), I lost contact with many of the friends within that circle.  Becky however maintained contact with me.  She remained loyal.  She got me.

It’s hard to explain the relationship that Becky and I had.  It was always platonic, never awkward, and there was always a mutual respect between her and I.  She was quite an intelligent woman and steadfast in what she believed in.  She and I never argued, yet were open to constructive debate.  I cared for her, and she did for me.  We could go months without seeing or talking to one another and pick up right where we left off when we finally did reconnect.  We were like kindred spirits.  I got her, she got me.  I find myself wondering if anyone else out there could even come close to knowing me like she did.

I recall Becky buying me a Xingu beer upon knowing that I would be meeting everyone for cards one evening.  She didn’t have to do that, as we weren’t that close at the time.  But she wanted me to feel welcomed, and I did.

I recall Becky spending my 25th birthday with me at the Happy Note.  The Happy Note has been gone for some time now, but that memory will remain.

I recall going to movies with Becky.  She and I were good about that.  We could go see a movie together and it was cool, casual, and most of all, not weird.  She convinced me to see Memento with her, and I enjoyed it.

I recall Becky giving me a Cleveland Indians plaque that commemorated 100 years of Indians baseball as a gift.   Like I said, she got me.

I recall getting a phone call early in the morning on 9/11/01 about the planes hitting the World Trade Center.  It was from Becky.  If anyone else had done that, I would have been angry, but I wasn’t.

Becky was the inspiration behind starting up the ‘News According to Bob’ posts.  Her correspondence with Brian Flores started it all.

I recall setting her up with Marc, which led to them eventually living together for a little while.

I recall many nights playing trivia with her at Bennigan’s.  She was smart, and bested me on many occasions.

I recall Becky and I attending some dance classes together at LSU.  We took an Irish Dancing class as well as a Salsa/Merengue class together.  It was fun, and it was never weird.  We put our skills to the test at Bennigan’s (Irish) and at Kathy’s wedding.

When I ran into Becky at the Beerfest about 3 years ago, we picked up right where we left off.  I ran into her again the following year and we told each other that we would get together with our spouses and do something.  The intent was there, but it never happened.  I never got to meet her husband.

I didn’t see her at the Beerfest last year, but I was looking.  I was going to contact her soon to ask if she was going.  That will never happen now.

My last correspondence with her was an email that simply read, “I miss you BC”.  Her response was just as simple, “I miss you too Knobby Knob.”

I didn’t even know that she had cancer.  I should have done a better job of staying in constant contact with her.  Now she’ll never know how much I’m going to miss her.

She”ll never know how much different the world is going to be without Becky in it.

I’m going to miss you BC.  I love you.

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