Weight Watching

All throughout my life, I’ve been referred to as “skinny”.   I got constant ribbing from my friends during grade school, and it even followed me into college.  I got used to it though, and I started laughing along with my friends.

So imagine my surprise when I stepped on the Wii Fit and it told me that I was “overweight”.  Wait.  Seriously?  I’m overweight?  That’s just not possible.  I’ve been the skinny guy all my life, so there’s no way in hell that I’m overweight.

So, I did some research (Google) to determine whether the Wii Fit was full of shit.  My results indicated that I was indeed overweight.  When did this happen?  How did this happen?  Is this the reason why the world will end in 2012?

I reported my findings to my wife and told her that I was going to get back into shape.  This includes being more active and all that fun stuff too. So she and I decided that we would try Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers has been around a long time (longer than I can remember), so it had to work right?  The way it works though is that you track what you eat on a day to day basis with everything you eat getting a point value.  As long as you have points remaining, you can continue to eat.  Once you used up your points, you’re done for the day (unless you tap into your weekly points).  Points were calculated based on the number of calories, fiber, and fat that each item contained.

When I weighed myself in November, I was at my all time high of 218.  My goal was to get back down to 185, and my immediate short term goal was to get back to 200.

I got down to under 210 in just a couple of weeks.

Things were going well, until we went to Disney during the week that followed Thanksgiving (oh we took Thanksgiving day off too, you almost have to).  We knew it was going to be impossible to stay on it while we were on vacation, so we ate what we wanted.  Upon coming home, I weighed myself and noticed that I was 206.

The holidays came, so we took off for the rest of the year, basically eating whatever we wanted.  We agreed that we would hit it full force after the first of the year.

Turns out that Weight Watchers has changed their point system.  Points are now calculated based on fat, carbs, protein, and fiber.  Point values went up on foods, but we were given more points to spend.

When I weighed back in after the first of the year, I was at 206.  After a week of being on the new plan, I was down to 204.

This past Monday (which is my weigh-in day), I was down to 200.  I have reached my immediate goal. I’ve also been exercising though, which I’m sure helps.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.

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