Rocks In My Head

I know I haven’t written anything in quite some time, so I thought I would share something that happened just the other day…

While at work, I stood up from my desk in order to get myself something to drink. Upon doing so however, I became quite dizzy and light-headed. I must say that the experience was totally unpleasant. I tried to shake it off, but I noticed that as I kept walking, I couldn’t keep my balance and my stomach became quite nauseous.

Now, this had happened to me once before, but it had been like 2-3 years or so ago. Back then, I required a trip to the doctor to perform a diagnosis and get a prescription. Since ObamaCare doesn’t kick in until 2014, I knew that I wouldn’t have any problem with getting in to see a doctor, so I immediately scheduled an appointment.

Well, it turned out that my general practitioner only works half a day on Tuesday (what a weird day to work half a day), so I got in to see a different doctor.

When the doctor came into the little room to diagnose me, she informed me about how there are these little crystals in our ears that are composed of calcium carbonate or some shit like that. She mentioned that she would provide me with some documentation for me to read along with some exercises. She then wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed that she couldn’t find anything “wrong” with me. At least when this happened a couple of years ago, I had an inner ear infection, but not this time. Nothing.

So, as I leave the doctor and I look down that the documentation that she provided, I noticed a diagram of the ear with the canals and crap, and there was also mentioning of some crystal, but there was some sort of medical term associated with it (which escapes me at the moment) but in parenthesis were the words “ear rocks”.

Ear Rocks. Huh? Really? The documentation went on to indicate that we all have these “ear rocks” in our ears and that sometimes they become dislodged and mess with the little hairs in our ears which in turn sends signals to the brain, which then processes these signals as movement (even though we’re standing still). Basically, the little rock needs to get back where it belongs in order for the symptoms to diminish, but will eventually happen.

But the idea of “ear rocks” was quite amazing. I only wish I knew about these “ear rocks” thirty years ago…

You see, 30 years ago or so, I was playing badminton in my grandmother’s yard and the little birdie went over the fence. I went into the yard to retrieve the birdie, but my grandmother’s dog had retrieved before I did and began to chew on it. It was at that point that I decided that I would make an attempt to get the birdie from the dog by hitting him over the head with the badminton racket. Well, the next thing I know, the dog lunges for me and I’m waking up in my grandmother’s den with my eye cut all to hell. I still have the scar to prove it, but it’s not as bad as it was when I was a kid.

Anyway, after that episode, I recall telling my uncle about what I did, and his response was, “What were you thinking? Do you have rocks in your head?”

So, had I known of these “ear rocks” back then, I could have easily replied with, “Yes” and I wouldn’t have gotten punished for being a smart ass.

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