Political Messages in V?

Most of my friends can tell you that I seldom participate in discussions revolving around religion or politics.   In fact, I’ve been known to either completely clam up or just walk away to avoid talking about it.   Some people tend to get really offended when they learn that you don’t believe the same way that they do. 

Granted, I can be somewhat of an ass in an argument, but that’s because I know I’m right and tend to be somewhat condescending and will outright belittle people that attempt to find flaws in my logic.  It’s silly really.  I mean, there normally aren’t any flaws in my logic, so stop trying to find any.  They’re simply not there.

Perhaps the only time you will find me discussing politics with anyone is if I am completely certain as to which way that person leans (right or left).  I don’t engage in political discussions with lefters because they end up pissing me off and I’ll end up calling them morons and/or idiots.

While I was watching the premier of V (Tuesday nights on ABC) I couldn’t help but reflect to what was presently going on in our country and find so many correlations to what is normally going on in society.

Now, if you’ve been under a rock since the 80’s, V was a television series on NBC (thank God it’s no longer on NBC, but that is another discussion altogether) back in the day.   The premise is that alien visitors have arrived to earth in spaceships requesting the help of the humans in the form or natural resources abundantly found on Earth and in return they will provide the human with advances in technology, however they have a hidden agenda that is unknown to the humans, but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

The priest in the new V is played by Joel Gretsch (The 4400) and he is the first to mention (to another priest) about how convenient the arrival of the visitors are.  They managed to show up just when they’re needed most he adds.  He’s referring to the downturn of the economy, terrorism on the rise, unemployment is way up (in fact the story takes place in the present, so the current events of today are the same as in the show).   Just when things are the bleakest, the aliens show up to save the day.

Meanwhile, the FBI agent played by Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST) is tracking sleeper cell activity and noticed that terrorism chatter has been down across the board except for one sleeper cell, which we learn is composed by visitors disguised as humans.  We also learn that the visitors have been here for several years and have infiltrated the government.  This of course can lead the viewer to believe that the visitors have caused all of the chaos on the planet in order to become the savior.  Huh.  Wow.  This is starting to sound familiar.

I am one of those right-wing nutjobs that believe that Obama was born in Kenya.  I don’t think he’s constitutionally elible to be our president.  I refuse to acknowledge that he’s our president and will continue to refuse to acknowledge it until he has proven without a doubt that he was actually born in Hawaii as he claims.   The supposed COLB that was posted on a website during the election IMO does not provide the necessary proof whatsoever that he was born in Hawaii, simply because back in 1961, Hawaii gave out COLB to foreign born babies as well as domestic ones.   I would like to see the long form birth certificate.  On top of that, he traveled to Pakistan back in 1981.  Ok cool. He went abroad when he was in college.  The problem there however is that US citizens were not able to travel to Pakistan easily back then since Pakistan was under military rule, but entering with an Indonesian passport would have been easy.

Anyway, I’m going off on tangents.  My point is however, when I was watching the show, I couldn’t help but think about some of the decisions that have been made over the past year and how those decisions have effectively shaped the world in which we live in today.  It almost seems as if Obama is creating chaos so he can look like a savior by fixing it.

Perhaps the most horrifying minutes that I recall from watching V was when the TV reporter guy was interviewing Anna (the leader of the visitors).  Anna politely demanded that the young reporter was not allowed to ask any questions that would put the visitors in a negative light.  Whoah! Are you kidding me?  Now the reporter didn’t like it, but he had no choice but to go along with it.   (Does this sound like Fox News anyone?) 

How about the visitors taking steps by luring in the children?  If you can brainwash the kids, then you can establish a foothold for many years to come. 

It was almost scary to watch.  I had to stop it at one point and talk to my wife about how closely the story paralleled what was going on in the world today.  Is this ABC’s way of taking a stand and perhaps getting people to think about things from a different perspective?  I don’t recall the older version of the show being this way, although I was in 6-7 grade when it originally aired.

I’m just saying…

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