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I Liked Transformers 2

October 19th, 2009 No comments

Tomorrow is the day when Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hits the stores on DVD.   I’ve been as giddy as a schoolgirl when I heard it was coming out so soon.  So giddy in fact that I’ve planned my whole day around it.

Now, I know it was harshly criticized for being too long, or having too complex of a plot, or being offensive to certain races and such, but gosh darnit, I liked it.  Hell I loved it. 

In my opinion, Transformers 2 was exactly what I go to the movies for; to be entertained.   Was it long?  Sure it was a little long, but I take that as meaning I’m getting more movie for my buck.  Hell, I’ve thrown my money to lots of movies this summer, some of which I couldn’t wait for them to end.  

The only real complaint that I have about the length of the movie has more to do with the fact that I bought the large drink at the theater and had to run off to the restroom during it, which in turn made me miss Devastator forming.  Which now I’ll be able to watch time and time again in the comfort of my own home.

 Transformers had a lots of action, plenty of explosions, “face ripping” and giant transforming robots.  Hello?  GIANT TRANSFORMING ROBOTS.  Who doesn’t like giant transforming robots?

So when I told my wife that Transformers 2 was coming out on DVD on October 20th, all she could do is roll her eyes.  She knew that it was inevitable that I was going to be buying the Blu-Ray version as quickly as I could.  

Susan:  “Transformers?  Again?  Really?”

Bob :  “Ummm yeah, we’re talking about Optimus Prime and the Autobots here sweetheart!  I need to watch them battle the Decepticons.  Duh!”

Susan:  “Yeah, but didn’t you say the same thing back in June?”

Bob:  “Pfffft, that was so 5 months ago.”

Susan:  “Does this mean that we’re going to watch Transformers on Tuesday?”

Bob:  “Does a bear shit in the woods?  Hell yeahz we’re watching some giant robot fighting action.  Bam Boom Pow!”

Anyway, so I’ve convinced my wife that buying this DVD tomorrow is really the right thing to do.  If she can throw $25 on High School Musical 3, then certainly I can do the same for Transformers.  Plus, it’s very likely that I’ll watch Transformers more than 10 times to so.

From that point, the countdown begins to Transformers 3, which will be in theaters in July 2011.  Yay!

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Calgon, Take Me Away!

October 16th, 2009 No comments

Saying that I’ve been busy lately would be a complete understatement.

Since I embarked upon the trip to my old hometown (New Orleans) for my 20 year high school reunion, I managed to return to the office following that weekend to discover a plethora of work that required my attention.

You see, there are times where I suffer from procrastination…

Last Summer, one of my company’s clients wanted a ton of changes made to one of the web applications that a former employee of ours wrote.  Granted, the former employee was brilliant in how he implemented some things, but he also made it a bit complicated to follow.   So as long as he was with the company, we would be able to make changes as needed and I wouldn’t have to worry about it.  But, umm, he’s no longer with the company so someone had to pick up the slack, and that someone turned out to be me.

Anyway, back to last Summer.  The client wanted a lot of stuff done by October.  My boss and I spoke with him and basically told him that it would be next to impossible to have everything he wanted in by October and that if he prioritized the MUST HAVE items, I would do my best to get those in. 

Now, I’m not the best programmer in the world, but I can hold my own.  I managed to piece together the MUST HAVE items that he needed (albeit crudely based on the design) and he was happy.  However, an agreement was made that the other items would be implemented by this time next year.  All parties smiled and went about their merry way.

So this past August rolls around and my boss mentioned that we’re right back where we were last year and asked how much more time I needed to finish up those other changes.  Well, my face just dropped.   I guess I was supposed to have been working on those things for the past year, and well, I guess I was too busy on other stuff to put ANY thought into how I was going to accomplish what he wanted.  So I got to work.

We got on the phone again with the client, and once again he asked for an October 1 drop date for everything.   Seeing as how I had already poked around in the application, I began to get a feel for what the previous coder had done, I confidently told him that I would shoot for the last week in September (I was trying to give him that warm and fuzzy feeling) and he was jubilant with excitement.  The problem was, I still hadn’t figured out how I was going to do it.

To make a long story short, I pulled it off.  I was indeed early with my deadline and put the application into Production and have had next to no issues, so everyone’s happy.

Now, I’m making it sound like all I had to do for the last couple of months was work my ass off at work.  But when you throw in the cub scout den meetings (I’m Trace’s den leader) and Trace playing Fall Ball (in Livingston no less)  it made for long evenings. 

Also, prior to football season starting, I decided that I was going to treat my family to a Saints game this year.  I got tickets to the Saints/Jets game on October 4 in the Superdome.  I got them at a pretty good price and the time worked well for us (the other games are either too early or too late).  But as it turned out, my boss decided to send my wife and I to Orlando for a few days to attend a conference.  So I ended up having to sell my tickets to a friend.  Now the Saints are doing really well and if I want to take my family to a game, I’m going to end up paying twice what I paid for the last ones, and deal with a time that won’t be as friendly.

Oh well.  Hopefully now I can spend more time updating my blog now that things are slowing done.   Go Saints!!!

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