Lost: Episode 5.5 “This Place is Death”

This week’s episode of Lost picks up where last week’s episode left off.  Sun gets out of the car and tells Ben that he’s going to kill him.  However, we all know how slick Ben is, and based on the preview from last week, we all know that Ben tells Sun that he has proof that Jin is alive.

Prior to this season starting, my wife and I talked about how Ben/Jack would be able to get everyone on board to make a trip back to the island.  Jack was already sold because he had already started telling Kate that they had to go back (not to mention all the plane trips he had been making trying to get back); Hurley is a nutball, so he was already on board; pushing Kate would take a little effort, but the Aaron custody thing seemed like it was working; Sayid would probably go now that Nadia was dead; but Sun would be tough based on the fact that she now had a child to think about.  The only fathomable reason for Sun to go back would be if she learned that Jin was actually alive.  Ben was about to provide that proof, thus giving her a reason to go back.

Anyway, so here we are, Kate takes off, Sayid leaves, and Hurley is still wearing his orange jumpsuit (which if memory serves, Ben’s lawyer mentioned something about Hurley being released by morning (last week’s episode)).  I begin thinking about how Ben would acquire any type of proof, since he’s been like perma-banned from the island.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Jin is with all of the French science folk.  Jin starts freaking out because this younger version of Danielle mentions that it’s 1988 and my mind starts wondering how someone would say “Holy fucking shit” in Korean.  The smoke monster attacks and pulls one of Danielle’s men into the jungle.  Now, I’m all about loyalty to my friends and all, but when something resembling a pillar of smoke suddenly grabs hold of someone and physically assaults him, I’m not hanging around for questions and answers.  Not this group though, they all follow the smoke monster and it appears that its pulling the guy into a hole underneath the temple.  The arm being yanked off was a bit much for me, I could actually feel it happening and I cringed.  So what happens?  All of the French people want to follow the smoke monster into this hole. Huh? Are you freaking kidding me? So they all go down, but Jin keeps Danielle from going in. 

Now, at this point in the episode, my wife reminds me that Danielle told Sayid (back in Season 1) that she had to kill everyone in her party because they were sick.  I agreed with her assessment, and I’m hoping that the writers did take this in mind.  A time shift occurs and Jin sees the decayed arm on the ground at which point he runs to the beach and sees two dead French people and Danielle pointing a gun at Robert.  Danielle kills Robert claiming that they’re all sick (relief comes over me as the continuity continues).

That’s one thing I really like about the writers of this show.  They have maintained continuity throughout the entire series.  Something so minute that was said in passing in Season 1 comes to fruition here in Season 5. 

Time shift again and now Jin has caught up with Sawyer.  Now the entire band is back together.  This also provides a means of the islanders to learn that Kate, Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Aaron, and Sun all managed to get off of the island in the helicopter and didn’t blow up on the freighter.  Locke tells everyone that they need to continue to the Orchid so he can leave the island and get everyone to come back.

Charlotte continues to have side-effects from the time shifts and she eventually dies.  She does tell Farraday that a crazy old man told her that if she came back to the island, she would die, she also reveals that Daniel is that old man. 

Locke finds the Orchid, but at this point in time, the Orchid is somewhat destroyed.  Time shifts again and the Orchid is gone, but Locke finds the well the Charlotte mentioned.  Locke decides that he’s going to climb down the rope (as opposed to Sawyer suggesting that they lower him down instead) because really, “Where’s the fun in that?” However, as Locke proceeds down the rope, time shift (yet again) and he falls down the well while Sawyer is left holding a piece of rope that is protruding from the ground.

Locke runs into Christian Shepherd at the bottom of the well, where Christian tells him that he (Locke) was instructed to move the island and not Ben.  Christian tells him of the wheel and instructs Locke to push and he will leave the island.

Meanwhile, Jack, Sun, and Ben arrive at the church where Mrs Hawking is busy getting the location of the islaand.  Ben provides the proof to Sun (Jin’s wedding band) and she agrees to go.  Desmond arrives and it’s at this point that we learn that Eloise Hawking is indeed Farraday’s mother. Desmond looks on at Mrs Hawking because he has met her before (Season 3) with disbelief.  Mrs Hawking asks about the others, where Ben says that this was the best he could do, she replies with “It will have to do…for now”.

I did like this episode because we got the big reveal concerning Farraday’s mother (which I already figured).  So far I’m really enjoying this season of Lost.  The one thing that I have to say is eating away at me is the convenience of the time-shifts on the island.  My theory on that though is that the islanders are somehow being protected by the island, meaning that they’re not allowed to die in a time period other than their own.  It seems like every time one of them is in danger, we get a shift.

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